Report and Cookbooks


Here is the final project synthesis report:



IMAGINE Cookbooks:

The IMAGINE cookbook series is a collection of methodological reports and guides to implement some of the methods used during the IMAGINE project. There will be a total of nine cookbooks.

  1. IMAGINE Cookbook N° 1 Evaluating ecosystem services capacity: Cooking a capacity matrix (english, pdf)
  2. IMAGINE Cookbook N° 2 GI vulnerability assessment to ecosystem degradation at the landscape scale  (english, pdf)
  3. IMAGINE Cookbook N° 3 GI habitat quality for biodiversity and ecosystem services (english, pdf)
  4. IMAGINE Cookbook N°4 GI management for ecosystem services  (english, pdf)
  5. IMAGINE Cookbook N°5 Policy Coherence analysis (PolCA): methodological approach (english, pdf)
  6. IMAGINE Cookbook N°6 Analysing GI stakeholders, social frictions and opportunities (english, pdf) + annex xls files (file 1, file 2, file 3)
  7. IMAGINE Cookbook N°7 Developing adaptive landscape planning tools for the allocation of Green Infrastructure (english, pdf)
  8. IMAGINE Cookbook N°8 Quantifying GI structure and connectivity in GI elements (english, Available soon)
  9. IMAGINE Cookbook N°9 Defining and evaluating ecosystem condition (english, Available soon)



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