01.10.2018 – Fruitful discussions on our consortium meeting

Last week the the IMAGINE team met in Tallinn, Estonia. We agreed upon a work agenda for the next project period.

Within the coming months, we will focus on the ecological aspects of ES and GI, but also on social and governance topics. We will work closely with stakeholders (e.g. on social valuation of ES and GI) as well as with policy and other experts (e.g. to analyse (in)coherence between different GI policy areas). This information will finally feed into our planned decision-support tool, which aims at adaptive landscape planning of GI.


25.09.2018 – Next IMAGINE meeting has started

Our consortium meeting started out on Monday with discussions about the state of work with Case Study Sites. Today we continue with overviews about the different WPs, focusing on both the ecological and social aspects of GI and ES.


20.09.2018 – Upcoming event: IMAGINE team meets soon in Tallinn

Photo: Mailiis Ollino/Scanpix

Next week, from 24th to 28th of September, the IMAGINE team will meet in Tallinn, Estonia. We will discuss project progress and set our goals for the next working period.

We are also going to have special training sessions to support implementing our thematic approaches, e.g. the Policy Coherence Matrix, GI & ES social valuation with stakeholders and the Bayesian Belief Network model for developing a spatially explicit decision-support toolbox for Green Infrastructure. Check out also our Twitter space!


21.05.2018 – Two new method’s papers published

How to work with experts to assess ecosystem services (ES)? How about assessing ecosystem

A recommendation for the application of the experts based ecosystem services matrices (Source: Campagne & Roche 2018)

disservices (EDS) based on expert scorings?

Have a look at our two new articles, based on case studies in France:

Using an expert-based matrix approach, the capacity of ecosystem types of the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Natural Park (France) to both provide ES and generate EDS was assessed.

The article builds on existing literature and experience acquired through the production of several ES matrices in several ES assessments carried out in France. A 7-step methodology is proposed, for the expert-based matrix approach that aims to promote cogency in the method and coherency in the matrices produced.

26.03.2018 – Joint IMAGINE-UrbanGaia meeting in Belgium

A joint meeting with the UrbanGaia project took place from 19th to 22nd of March in Ghent. It was a really intensive and productive week full with discussions! We discussed different options for synergies between these two Eranet Biodiversa projects, in terms of various possibilities, e.g. potential joint communication planning and comparative case analyses.


12.01.2018 – First IMAGINE-article is out!

The paper analyses different concepts of ecosystem integrity and ecosystem condition as well as their links to sustainability. Check it out here: Roche and Campagne (2017) in Current Opinion on Environmental Sustainability.


27.11.2017 – Second IMAGINE meeting in Norway

On the fieldtrip: exploring conflicts between roads and Green Infrastructure in Trondheim region.

The IMAGINE Team had its second meeting in Trondheim (Norway) from 22nd to 25th November 2017, hosted by NINA.
The objective of this meeting was to exchange on the advances of the project after 9 months and to agree on the next stage. We advanced on the definition of CORE indicators and the settings of the modeling approaches.




03.04.2017 – IMAGINE kick-off in France

A nice view from our meeting place at the coastal research station in Sète.

The IMAGINE project officially kicked off from 29th to 31st March 2017 in Sète, France.