The Project



Main objectives of the project

  • Using a multidisciplinary approach across six case study territories spanning a European north-south gradient from the boreal zone to the Mediterranean, the proposed project IMAGINE aims at quantifying the multiple functions, ecosystem services and benefits provided by Green Infrastructures (GI) in different contexts from rural to urban.
  • We aim to demonstrate an integrative assessment of GI multifunctionality and biocapacity to deliver ES and to propose options to manage and design GI from patch to landscape
  • We will contribute to developing innovative approach to support ecosystems resilience, sustainable essential ecosystem services flows and contributing to human wellbeing to meet EU policy targets.
  • Identify and improve positive governance and regulation mechanisms to support these goals.



Key research topics of IMAGINE

  • Ecosystem integrity as a prerequisite to maintain self-organization and resilience capabilities of biodiversity and the capacity of GBI to supply multiple ES.
  • Variation in services and disservices provisioning by GBI along rural to urban and simple to complex landscape gradients, in order to arrive at a balanced assessment of GBI multifunctionalities.
  • Spatial and temporal mismatches of service providing units (SPU) and service benefiting units (SBU) in socio-ecological systems.
  • Management options to restore and design multifunctional GI networks at landscape scale
  • Stakeholder-dependent demands and uses of ES.
  • Complex interactions and regulatory mechanisms at different governance levels.