What the case is about

In the Greater Trondheim Norwegian Region there is much focus on green-blue infrastructure within the rural-urban landscape. The political decision is to enhance outdoor recreation and sport opportunities for the public at large while securing and making use of green-blue areas. The already defined green-blue infrastructures in Trondheim will therefore have to be multifunctional, securing biodiversity, securing ecosystem functioning while maximizing recreation opportunities. The region has experienced an intensification of land use, increasing urban population density, expansion and denser urban housing over the last decade(s). The main challenge for municipal planners is to visualize the interconnectivity between green spaces, and show the functionality of such corridors. This hampers successful maintaining green-blue infrastructures in the face of urbanization processes.

How IMAGINE addresses the problem?

The study visualizes and describes the options for the provisioning of ecosystem services green-blue infrastructures to citizens, and how green-blue infrastructures can best be preserved and managed to promote multifunctionality, ecological integrity and connectivity. This may help municipal planners and other stakeholders to better take into account green-blue values within an urban-rural setting.