Green Infrastructure ecological structures, processes and integrity

Photo credit: Jane Thomas, Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (ian.umces.eduimagelibrary)


WP 1 aims to identify ecosystem attributes that could be linked to ES supply and other services (species mobility, conservation) by Green Infrastructure. This is based on two working hypotheses:

(1) ecosystem integrity is positively associated with regulation services and with GI capacity to support mobility and wildlife diversity; and

(2) ecosystem attributes can be used as functional links to quantify ecosystem services capacity.


Main tasks

Task 1.1: Define an operational framework for Ecological Integrity of Green Infrastructure elements and Green Infrastructure network

Task 1.2: Quantify the connectivity and the importance for connectivity of GI elements within the CSS

Task 1.3: Quantify and map GI Elements Structure, Processes and Ecological Integrity supporting ES


Lead partner: INRAe

Contact(s): Philip Roche philip.roche[@]inrae.fr, Sandra Luque sandra.luque[@]inrae.fr.