Ecosystem Services and Disservices: Assessment, Quantification and Mapping


Photo credit: Jane Hawkey, Integration and Application Network, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (ian.umces.eduimagelibrary)


WP 2 strives to bring forward the assessment of spatially explicit ES potential, flow and demand budgets within decision-making processes. It does so by developing a better understanding of the ES-related effects of Green Infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on the spatio-temporal relationships between service-providing and service-benefiting units as well as the inherent trade-offs between ES and ecosystem disservices.

Main tasks

Task 2.1: Conduct capacity matrix assessment of ES on structured landscapes

Task 2.2: Quantify ES, based on GI habitat attributes

Task 2.3: Map ES and EDS supply


Lead partner: Kiel University

Contact(s): Tim Diekötter tdiekoetter[@]ecology.uni-kiel.de