Harmonisation of actions, communication, valorisation and co-production of knowledge


WP 6 is promoting and coordinating work within the whole consortium, to (1) ensure consistency in approach, results and outcomes for the process of setting up Case Studies, and (2) co-develop with stakeholders validated guidelines and recommendations for best practice in evaluations and assessments.


Main tasks

Task 6.1: Harmonization of WP activities on all the Case Study territories

Task 6.2: Promote the interaction with the stakeholders for the co-construction of the research and identification of the local issues

Task 6.3: integrating the deliverables of the different WPs for the EU Level added value


Lead partner: Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ)

Contact(s): Mart Külvik mart.kylvik[@]emu.ee, Monika Suškevičs monika.suskevics[@]emu.ee